established in 2003

In 2003, the Grosvenor Family Foundation donated the 238-acre retreat property located in Descanso to The Unity Center. Much of the land, including more than 12 structures were destroyed during the Cedar Fires in October of 2003. In the years since the fire, members of our community have lovingly tended to the land and slowly nurtured the trees and flowers.

The result is acres of pristine wilderness, with hiking trails, a small lake and even a hill of daffodils that bloom every Spring.

Historically, the Ranch was a central trading location for Native Americans and contains several sacred sites used by the local Kumeyaay tribe. It has been a local neighborhood gathering place for many years, and at one point, housed a restaurant and bar. More recently, the Ranch has been used for several movie backdrops, and as a location for the TV series “Renegade”.

The Ranch is owned by The Unity Center, a progressive spiritual community that emphasizes living consciously and making a positive difference in the world. This is a sacred and special place . So whether you're planning a retreat, a wedding or a special event, we hope you'll come away from the Ranch feeling renewed.

Old Motel. Used as a movie backdrop.

Old Motel. Used as a movie backdrop.