Stallion Oaks Ranch


Labyrinths are walking paths of prayer and meditation that have been used for over 4,000 years and are found worldwide. Our impressive labyrinth sits in a beautiful clearing, surrounded by trees serenaded with the sounds of a nearby creek. Stallion Oaks visitors can walk the labyrinth, which is designed to open your heart for meditation, then sit in front of the peace pole and experience its powerful energy. In the outdoors, at one with nature, it could be a wonderful step toward a strong and beautiful spiritual journey. The Stallion Oaks Ranch labyrinth is fashioned after the famous labyrinth inside the Chartres Cathedral in France.


Peace Pole

Standing tall in the center of the labyrinth, our peace pole is a symbol of hope. Specifically designed by artist Joel Selmeier for The Unity Center, it is made of copper and bronze.

The words “May peace prevail on earth” are written in 33 different languages including Kumeyaay, the nearly extinct language of the Native Americans who originally occupied this area. Our Unity symbol which features symbols from seven major world religions and an image of the world, encircle the top of the pole.

“If prayer ever works, if artistic expression ever has an effect, if there ever is value in building a monument to anything, it seems to me that one ought to be built for peace.” Joel Selmeier, Peace Pole Designer

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There are two gazebos on the property. One in our rose garden and the other high atop the hills overlooking Sheridan Valley which offers a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. Both gazebos offer a lovely spot for meditation, an intimate wedding setting or a small outdoor meeting area.